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Ka-Ching: What's Behind Legal Tech Providers' Spike in Prices?

The legal tech industry is seeing a resurgence of funding, driven partly by generative AI.

However, this influx of capital is causing significant price hikes, even doubling some fees, as vendors target larger clients.

This chase for "whales" risks pricing out smaller and mid-sized clients, shrinking the traditional customer pool.

Venture capital and private equity firms are pressuring legal tech teams to deliver profits, leading to fee increases. Generative AI and the need for AI talent have also impacted prices.

Smaller firms may be left to "fend for themselves.


LastPass: ‘Horse Gone Barn Bolted’ is Strong Password

Important Update for LastPass users!

LastPass is now requiring users to choose longer master passwords, aiming to enhance security. Critics call it a PR move, but the changes are essential.

Will Innovation Help Law Firms and Clients Control the 'Cost Monster'?

Legal billing rate hikes have sparked conversations, but the adoption of AI and automation in law firms, driven by both firms and clients, promises to reshape litigation by reducing costs and improving efficiency.

As Chris O'Malley and Andrew Maloney write in Corporate Counsel, there's room to lower costs for both sides.

ChatGPT for Lawyers and Legal Professionals — 102 (Prompts)

Calling all attorneys and legal teams.

Curious how Generative Artificial Intelligence like ChapGPT can help you in practice?

Diwakar Thakore published 102 prompts for lawyers and legal professionals.

Craft precise prompts to streamline legal research, document drafting, client interaction, and more.

As always, it will be essential to validate and assess the responses and to apply professional expertise and discretion, but avoid being left behind this early in the use of the technology.

Smartphones Contain a Treasure Trove of Data for Litigation, Compliance, and Investigation Purposes

Litigation teams! Are you capturing all the cellphone data from your electronic evidence collection efforts?

Mobile device data offers critical insights, including call logs, chat content, emails, location history, and multimedia, that can shape the outcome of litigation, making it essential for modern legal practice.

Kaylee Walstad of EDRM, writes what you could be missing in your legal holds, corporate governance and internal or government investigation events.

Technocat Tidbits: How to Manage PII in eDiscovery

In the world of eDiscovery, safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is non-negotiable. Cat Casey, shares 5 vital PII protection commandments to ensure privacy during digital investigations. Protecting PII isn't just about solving the case; it's safeguarding privacy.

Ransomware: To pay or not to pay

Executive, technology and legal stakeholders, when addressing ransomware in security planning, remember the ethical and financial dilemmas of paying ransoms, the potential for more attacks, and the importance of resilience and flexibility in cybersecurity strategies. As Jordan Schroeder of Barrier Networks writes, it can be hard to thread the needle if the needle is always under attack or vulnerable to an attack.

Law Firms of the Future Will Be Different in Three Critical Ways

The future of law firms is upon us, even if it's not quite what we imagined. AI is reshaping legal practice, from augmenting attorneys' work to transforming service delivery. This piece from Blair, Border and Tobey of DLA Piper makes the case for firms to embrace the changes.