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Avoid unnecessary review time, sanctions, unfavorable verdicts, and a blemished reputation in your evidence collection and eDiscovery workflow. Perin Discovery: Your source to collect, review and produce information triggered by litigation, internal investigations, FOIA's, and other information requests.

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What We Do

Perin Discovery provides teams with an efficient way to collect data and meet all the court and eDiscovery review tool requirements. Today's lawsuits demand modern collection techniques, software and expertise. Your adversaries know this so we give you insight and focus into your legal and response strategy. With the growth and diversity of data through emails, cell phones, apps, databases, and other online content, we believe this is more important than ever.


Electronic Evidence Collection

Perin ensures the data collected is verifiable and forensically sound with an emphasis on creating an evidentiary chain of custody. Our experience lends itself to examining a large range of computing devices and operating...



After your ESI is collected by our team or your team, Perin provides a range of services from early case assessment and pre-review culling to final production and data repository services to support you. Leveraging the Relativity and CloundNine suites...


Cyber Investigations

Perin specializes in the most common types of cyber breaches in the industry today: Business Email Compromise and Ransomware investigations. Facing a breach can be a business’s most difficult challenge. Get the support of cybersecurity professionals with the framework of forensics and eDiscovery, to guide your recovery.


Paper Discovery

At a time when documents and information are originating overwhelmingly in electronic form, legacy media like paper still makes up a population of evidentiary evidence. The company’s roots dates to when paper was the dominant source of...

Who We Serve


Need text messages from a cell phone collected? Need employee emails collected for your case? Don’t have a source for a remote collection? Don’t know the review tool to use on your matter? Opposing counsel dump a dataset and you don’t know where to start? Perin can help.


Do you feel like you and your IT department are on different planets? Feel a lack of insight or control with your outside counsel? Concerned about your outside counsel’s eDiscovery processes? Want the technology and eDiscovery support without taking on the staff? Feel like you need a forensics or eDiscovery advocate between you and our outside counsel? Perin can help.


Have the budget but don’t have the time to wait for the procurement process to play out? Have a mix of paper and electronic documents and you don’t know where to start? Hampered by legacy tools and manual labor methods to search through data populations? Need help understanding your technology and solution options when no other source can be found. Perin can help.


Why Perin?

Perin Discovery is an 8(a) SBA Certified, Native American-owned, end-to-end eDiscovery and Cyber Investigations firm based in Denver, Colorado.

We believe there is a better way to support teams and entities responding to their litigation requests and cyber investigations, and Perin's business was built to help them respond to or build out modern and defensible operations.


The growth of electronically stored information (ESI) through:

  • Emails
  • Cell Phones
  • Other Connected Devices
  • Online Content
  • And Other Legacy Media

means parties need experts who can speak the language of a forensics examiner, and who know how to put your team in the best position for its review. Perin provides the bridges from Collection to eDiscovery to Production, and legal to IT, and our clients trust us as key stakeholders providing sound counsel and support.

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Welcome to the Digital Detective's Playbook: Mastering the Art of Chat Data Collection

In an era where digital whispers can speak louder than shouts, the ability to navigate the labyrinth...

In an era where digital whispers can speak louder than shouts, the ability to navigate the labyrinth of chat data collection from ...

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