5 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Workflow

December 27, 2022

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Produce content more efficiently and boost your content marketing all with this A.I. chatbot.

We've all seen the hype surrounding the various new artificial intelligence tools that have come to market over the past few months. Whether it's image-generating A.I., portrait-creating A.I., or the latest, ChatGPT, which can basically answer any question you might have.

ChatGPT is a truly mind-blowing tool and playing around with it will definitely send you down a rabbit hole, but it can also actually help you with your marketing and content creation.

Here are five ways to leverage ChatGPT in your workflow.

1. Use it to come up with ideas for content.

When content is a big part of your marketing strategy, it can sometimes be very challenging to come up with fresh and interesting content.

You can easily ask ChatGPT to offer some ideas on a certain topic. So, for example, you could ask it "Give me 20 ideas for articles about artificial intelligence."

Now, it's important to emphasize that you need to review its answers and not take them as is, but it's a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

2. Leverage it to generate a first draft.

Imagine you have to write a press release or a blog post and you are short on time. You could ask ChatGPT "Write me a press release for a company called X that has just raised $100 million."

This is a great way to get the first draft of your work. I would definitely not recommend you use the draft it generates, but rather, you can use it as a baseline for your final draft.

3. Let it come up with a title for your content.

This is a huge benefit of tools like ChatGPT. As we know, good titles are super important for your content. You might have the absolute best video, but if the title doesn't pull me in, I'll never watch it.

So, ask ChatGPT to produce five titles for a video about a specific topic, and then, even if you don't use one of the exact titles it generates, you can use them as ideas for your title.

4. Ask it to help you with your research.

Whether you want to use ChatGPT as your research tool or ask it for questions to use in your research, it can be a tremendous resource when doing research.

Google is a primary source of information as is Wikipedia when doing any sort of research. Now, you have another amazing tool to use.

So, for example, you might ask ChatGPT, "What questions should I be asking when doing research on the history of golf?"

You can then take those questions as a good starting point for your research.

5. Allow it to shorten text for platforms with character limits.

I, for one, am going to be using ChatGPT for this. I'll often write a post on Facebook and then, when going to post it on Instagram or LinkedIn, I realize the post is too long.

You can paste the text of your post into ChatGPT and ask it "Shorten this text to 2,200 characters while maintaining the tone of the post."

Again, I wouldn't post the result as is, and proofreading is always a good idea, but it's a fantastic baseline for the shorter version of your post.

ChatGPT, like the many other A.I. tools that have been released recently, is a huge step forward, and some even view it as a terrifying development, but like any new tool, if used properly, ChatGPT can be a tremendous asset for you and your team.